Healing a Hurting World

Comprehensive and Compassionate Care for Individuals
With a Wide Range of Physical Disabilities

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Promoting Independence: Where Age is Just a Number

At The Don Project, our disability support services meet compassionate care and expertise to enhance the lives of those facing physical disabilities, arthritis, age-related conditions, dementia, ALS, MS, Parkinson's, and more. With a decade of dedicated service, we understand the challenges these conditions pose and are here to provide comprehensive support with unwavering dedication.

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Physical Disability Support

Arthritis, physical disabilities, and other age-related conditions can present daily challenges. The caregivers at The Don Project step in as dedicated companions, offering assistance with essential tasks, such as mobility, eating, exercising, and grooming. We prioritize independence, ensuring that individuals receive comprehensive care tailored to their unique needs.

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Care for Dementia Patients

Our experienced and highly trained caregivers specialize in delivering the highest quality of care to both dementia patients and their families. At The Don Project, our goal is to create an environment that fosters happiness and fulfillment for individuals living with dementia, while offering crucial support to their loved ones.

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Care for ALS and More

With a wealth of experience in conditions like ALS, MS, and Parkinson's, our caregivers are equipped to handle diverse challenges. Familiarity with assistive devices such as Hoyer lifts, standing frames, pivot disks, transfer boards, power chairs, and more allows us to cater to the specific needs of each individual, promoting comfort and well-being.

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A Decade of Dedication

Celebrating 10 years in the caregiving business, we have been a pillar of support for countless families. Our mission is to ease the day-to-day stress caused by illness or disability. By providing tailored services, we empower families to navigate these challenges with confidence, ensuring a higher quality of life for their loved ones.

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A Reliable Support

We go beyond caregiving - we become partners in the journey toward improved well-being.

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